Simone Scott the illustrator

Book ‘Let’s Explore the Cayman Islands’
The Illustrator

The illustrator, Simone Scott is an artist from and resides in Cayman Brac with frequent visits to Grand Cayman to further embrace extended family and facilitate art programs through established organizations. Her special talent as an artist combines the use of modern technology with mental snapshots from daily life to create illustrations that are relevant, stimulate engaging discussions and bring the words on the pages meaning and happiness.

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Amazon reader review
5.0 out of 5 stars Well Done And Meaningful August 23, 2014
By Thadius
“I am pleased to be the first to review this great children’s book……….

The illustrations in this book provide food to the imagination where the words leave off. Well done and highly recommended for your kids.”

Want to see some of the illustrations, check out the link below.
Events and Illustrations


Along the bluff edge

My island has a wonderful bluff that runs the length of it, from it’s highest point of 140 feet in the east and tapers off to sea level in the west. In fact the gaelic name for bluff is Brac, thus my island is called Cayman Brac. At its highest point on the bluff is a lighthouse with a traditional path that leads to it. If one walks the path they are sure to encounter the Booby birds that live on its edge and perhaps see a tropical bird our winter guests, along with desert plants.


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